About Us

Founded in January of 2017 and based in Manila, Philippines, TRDNT - which is pronounced as /Trident/ and is short for Trade Network - is a trusted ecommerce platform provider catered to freelancers, small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Say goodbye to the risks of receiving counterfeit money, or having to check deposit slips in every transaction. With TRDNT, we make sure to keep transactions secure and convenient so that businesses like yours can focus on what matters.

TRDNT also allows small and medium sized businesses to be able to scale and automate their processes by allowing them to create shareable checkout pages through their social media, accept multiple payment methods for their customers, have a real-time order management system and even have delivery & fulfillment services, all in one platform. 

Lastly, TRDNT strives to help all kinds of entrepreneurs build their Trade Network and at the same time, allow people to be able to discover and support diverse kinds of businesses.