Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • TRDNT Protect is optional feature for your buyers to ensure that the transaction goes as smoothly as possible. If one of your buyers picks TRDNT Protect, payments will only be release once delivery or receipt is confirmed. If no confirmation was made, we will release the payments after 3 days upon seller's delivery date. 
  • If you did not receive our activation e-mail, it is possible that it slipped into your spam folder. Please check your spam folder for our activation Mail.
  • In case you have not received this e-mail, feel free to contact our Support Team via email at  [email protected]You may also message us directly on our Facebook messenger or just call +639178273032

On your profile settings page you will see different types of verification. You are able to verify your account with:

  • Government ID
  • E-Mail
  • Facebook
  • Mobile Phone (SMS Verification Code)
  • Address (Postal Verification Code)

Seller FAQ

What is TRDNT?

TRDNT (pronounced as “Trident”) offers you the best way to transact online. Just post your product/item, share it to your social media platforms, chats and etc. then allow your buyer to securely checkout with a click of a button.

How do I contact TRDNT?

  • For inquiries, feel free to contact [email protected] Mondays through Fridays 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • You may also message us directly on our Facebook messenger or just call +639178273032

What can i sell in TRDNT?

You can sell any physical product you want through TRDNT. However, there are a few restrictions on what you are allowed to sell such as:

    • Live animals
    • Easily perishable goods (e.g. unpackaged vegetables, etc.)
    • Frozen goods
    • Illegal items
    • Explosive items
    • Fake or counterfeit goods

Are there size constraints for what i can sell in TRDNT?

For TRDNT Courier via Xend: Packaging


Metro Manila


Large: 9”x14” (Unliweight)

Php 69


XL: 12”x18” (Unliweight)

Php 89

Php 179

Own Packaging (Does not fit our couriers packaging)

Php 69 up to 1Kg

Php 89 up to 3 Kg +Php30 per additional KG

Php 109 up to 1Kg

Php 179 up to 3 Kg + Php80 per additional KG


You are not limited to use the TRDNT Courier if you have you own arrangements with a courier service.  


What are the requirements for me to sell in TRDNT?

All you need is a product/service, an active email address, mobile number and you’re all set.

Can TRDNT provide my customer service for my buyers?

TRDNT provides you with logistical (secure payment and delivery) services and will be able to provide customer support for these concerns.

However, any specific inquiries about your products should go to you directly as a seller.

How do I create a TRDNT account

Create your TRDNT account on You’ll be asked to provide just a few personal details: email address, mobile number, and your password.

Provide your seller/business name and product description. You’ll be prompted to provide your bank details and pick up address on your first order.

You can share your TRDNT checkout pages on your preferred social network (like Facebook and Twitter)

We also have an additional share option which allows easier sharing to other platforms like Instagram or on any instant messenger app.

Do I need to pay for my TRDNT Account?

The only payments that will need to be made to TRDNT will be our Transaction Fees of 2.5% + Php 20 (of the listed price) of each item.

Additional charges to be paid by your customers will be Delivery and TRDNT Payment Protection. Your account will not be charged if no transactions are being made, so you do not need to worry about paying any fees when your sales are idle.

What can I manage on my TRDNT account?

You can manage your:

  • TRDNT account settings (password, pick up address)
  • checkout pages (create and share )
  • orders (confirm pickups, cancel orders, request refunds and order cancellations)
  • earnings (bank account, generate reports).
  • You can also link your preferred social networks.
  • Link and keep track of your customers in our customer management system

How do I reset my password?

Step 1: Click LOG IN in the upper righthand corner of the TRDNT homepage.

Step 2: Click on FORGOT PASSWORD

Step 3: Fill in the field with the email address associated with your TRDNT account.

Step 4: Click submit and wait for an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

How does TRDNT handle my personal information?

TRDNT is committed to protecting your personal information. Your account information is protected by an encrypted password of your choosing. For complete details on how we handle your personal information, read our Privacy Policy.

How do I build a checkout page?

You first need to register and create a TRDNT account.

Once you have registered, log in to your TRDNT account and you’ll be able to build your checkout page from there.

Where can I share my checkout page?

You can share checkout pages on most social networks like your Facebook Business Page.  You can also email your checkout pages or send them via Instant Messenger apps (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, etc.).

 Can I update my inventory on an existing item listing?

Yes you may!

  • Simply go to the specific item page and click edit to change the number of available stock.
  • Inventory is automatically updated whenever a buyer makes a purchase. So to keep your buyers correctly informed on the number of supplies, you can update the number of items due to a restock of supply or shortage of supply.

When and how do I receive my earnings?

  • NOTE: You can only start receiving earnings after you have inputted your payment details in your account settings.
  • All earnings that are not held in TRDNT Protect will be credited to your account as soon as possible 


What kind of payment options can I offer my buyers?

  • Through TRDNT, you can offer the following payment options:
    • Credit Cards via PayPal
    • Online Banking via DragonPay
    • Over-the-Counter (OTC) Banking via DragonPay
    • Over-the-Counter (OTC) Non-Banks via DragonPay
  • NOT YET AVAILABLE: Cash on Delivery via TRDNT Courier
    • This feature is not yet a payment option, but we are working with our system to integrate it soon.


What should I know about Credit Card Payments?

  • Credit card payments are handled through PayPal. The buyer, upon selection of this payment option will be subjected to additional charges of 4.4% + 15 Php of the listed price of the item/s.


What should I know about Over-the-counter payments?

  • Over-the-counter payments is when you transact at any of the accredited payment centers offered by DragonPay.
  • The list of accredited banks and centers can be found during Checkout.



What should I know about the online banking payment option?

Your buyers can opt to pay online via their bank’s online banking facility. This will then be disbursed to your TRDNT account. Our partner banks include:

  • BDO Internet Banking
  • BPI Express Online/Mobile
  • Chinabank Online
  • Dragonpay Prepaid Credits
  • Landbank ATM Online
  • Metrobank Direct
  • RCBC Accessone
  • UCPB Connect
  • Unionbank Internet Banking

What are the fees for each TRDNT payment option?

  • TRDNT has a simple pricing system.
  • For every transaction, you will only be charged 4.5%  + 15 Php of the listed price.



How can I get my goods delivered to my buyers?

There are 3 ways you can deliver your goods to your customers:

  1. Ninja Van (TRDNT partnered delivery service) - You can choose to use our partnered courier  through our website. You will be given instructions particularly with Pick up of your goods, packaging, and finally delivery.
  2. Your own Delivery Courier - If you already have your own or know of another delivery courier you can still choose to use this for your fulfillment of goods. You just have to input in our website your flat rate for your delivery courier so that this can be part of the calculation of the total price.
  3. Meet-ups - After your customer has completed payment, you can also choose to do meet-ups with your customers if this is more convenient for both parties.

Do you pick up/and or deliver nationwide?

  • Yes.  Different rates and schedules may occur for provincial deliveries.


Buyer FAQ

You should be able to expect your product within the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) period designated by the seller.

  • If you choose the TRDNT Courier, you will be given a tracking number which you can track in Xend’s website at
  • If you choose the seller’s courier, you will have to wait from updates from your seller about your order. If this makes you feel uneasy, you can avail of TRDNT Payment Protection so that you can assure the completion of the transaction.
  • Cash on Delivery via Ninja Van
  • Online
    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • Paypal
    • Bitcoin
    • DragonPay credits
    • Gcash
    • BDO
    • Metrobank
    • Chinabank
    • RCBC
    • RCBC Savings Bank
    • UCPB
    • EastWest
    • Landbank
    • ONB
    • Maybank
    • Security Bank
    • Sterling Bank
    • BPI BanKO
    • Credit Card payments - extra charges will apply for Paypal
    • Credits / Points
    • Bank Websites
  • Offline
    • BDO
    • Chinabank
    • RCBC
    • UCPB
    • EastWest
    • Landbank
    • PNB
    • Maybank
    • Security Bank
    • Asia United Bank
    • BDO
    • Metrobank
    • Chinabank
    • Unionbank
    • RCBC
    • RCBC Savings Bank
    • UCPB
    • EastWest
    • Landbank
    • PNB
    • Maybank
    • Security Bank
    • Sterling Bank
    • LBC
    • SM Payment Counters
    • Robinsons Dept Store
    • Cebuana Lhuillier
    • M. Lhullier
    • Bayad Center
    • 7-11 (selective)
    • RuralNet
    • PNBRemit
    • Metrobank Remit
    • Ventaja-PayRemit
    • Skyfreight Remit
    • ECPay
    • ATM Payments
    • Over-the-Counter payments - available in select locations such as our partner stores and banks.

After you have paid successfully, you will be redirected to a page with your payment summary and you will also be sent an email confirming your payment.

If you choose to use our partnered delivery service (Ninja Van)  here are the following rates:


12x16.5 inches (Unliweight)

Within Metro Manila (rates apply per ordered piece)

Greater Manila


Standard Delivery (1-7 Workding Days)


 Php 70 





Next Day Delivery

Php 90




If you choose to use the seller’s delivery courier, it would vary depending on the seller’s given rate.

  • If you are under TRDNT Payment protection, you may set up a dispute on your item order page. After setting up a dispute, TRDNT will discern the decision of the case based on your arguments.
  • If you are not under TRDNT Payment Protection, you may contact TRDNT through email at [email protected] or you may call us at 09178273032.
  • For TRDNT courier, you do have to pay for shipping all the time.
  • For Seller’s courier, there may be times when the seller will offer no cost for shipping to you.
    • You will need to sign a letter of authorization as a confirmation and indicate a second party at the point of purchase to identify the person.
    • You can also contact our customer service at our email address:  [email protected] or call us at +639178273032 immediately after purchasing to inform us. The third party should present a valid ID along with the letter of authorization from you. 


International shipments are currently unavailable via TRDNT Courier but will be available soon.